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Getting to Know You  —  Now on WebSite

The Getting to Know You bios included in the latest newsletter have been added to the website. There are two new links in the Members section—one that takes you to the current Getting to Know You insert and one that has combined the Photo Directory pictures with the Getting to Know You archive.

To access both links, sign in as member using your user id and password, and click on Members in the top menu.  On the right side menu are the two new links–“Members – Getting to Know You – Current Newsletter Insert” and “Members – Photo Directory and Getting to Know You.” When you click on the link for the Photo Directory, you’ll see all the pictures of church members listed in alphabetical order.  You can either scroll to the person/family that you are looking for, or you can use the new search field.  If the individual or family has Getting to Know You material, there will be a link to the right of the picture. Currently, there are four members/families with this information.  Each month, more bios and fun facts will be added.

This will replace the former Photo Directory Links A-Z, which will be deleted in a few weeks.

If you need help signing into the Members section of the website, contact Glenn Child at

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