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Greetings from our BHCC Interns

Weeks and months have passed since we started coming to Bower Hill. In that time, getting to know everyone has been an awesome blessing. The hospitality that has been shown to us is overwhelming, so we first would like to thank you all for that.

Marla continues to give us opportunities to grow and mature on our faith walk. This past week, I (Tyler) told the story of the paralyzed man. After taking some notes and hints, and with much surprise, the kids were listening with open eyes and eager minds. I was thrilled to see the astounding difference from the first week when I told the story to the children and they were easily distracted. Now, they are almost completely attentive and ask good questions afterwards. I have found that improvements in the area of Christian education are slow, but it is so rewarding to see the fruits of training, practice, and involvement.

For the second half of January, I (Jeremiah) went to the Philippines to help with the children’s program for the Asia and Pacific Mission Co-Worker Regional Gathering. International mission co-workers of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) and their children, from 10 countries, were there. It was great to meet and talk with some of the PCUSA mission co-workers who are transforming the lives of others around the world. It was an honor to be able to help with their children during their time away in the Philippines. The experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of it.


Tyler Musher & Jeremiah Wagner

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