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Greetings from our BHCC Interns – May 2016

As the summer quickly approaches, we at Crestfield are getting ready for our summer and VBS Day Camp and Mission Possible weeks.  In the meantime, we are enjoying the weather.

At last month’s Eat and Meet at Bower Hill, the focus was on prayer.  Both of us did the lesson on five parts of prayer.  We made sure to let them know that this isn’t the know-all, say-all to praying, but it helps to be a little more organized with your thoughts.  A game was played where we threw a tennis ball to each other saying things that we were thankful for.  A little after starting this game, we slowly began to add more and more tennis balls into the circle.  Before we knew it, there was organized chaos, which can be a good thing.  After some time, the tennis balls were called back.  Once they were gathered, I said, “congratulations!  You all just prayed!”  It was awesome to see their eyes light up in an awe moment, and in an “I’m confused” moment.  We then played a favorite game of sardines, which resulted in the best hiding spot that left us searching for more than 15 minutes.

On May 15, the Bower Hill kids will visit Crestfield for the last Eat and Meet before summer.  A lot of fun activities are planned which will tie in the prayer theme that began last month.  There is something spiritual about being in nature listening to the sounds and having all the different smells of spring that a lot of kids don’t get to enjoy.  We are eagerly awaiting that.

We are having a lot of fun watching the children learn and create during our time together each Sunday during worship.


                                                                                                                    Tyler Musher & Jeremiah Wagner

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