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Help for Haiti

Over the past three years, the Haiti Water Team has made four installation trips to Haiti and installed six water systems. Their locations vary from a rural village church in the southwest part of the country to an orphanage and school on the outskirts of Port Au Prince. We have worked with our in-country partners to not only help train them in how to operate the water systems but also help lead health and hygiene courses on the proper use of the clean water. Bower Hill’s support in these efforts has been tremendous.

This year our emphasis is shifting from installing new water systems to working with the various sites we have established relationships with in the past on best practices for maintaining the systems they have, redoubling the education efforts and working on business plans to expand the use of the water systems. Overall, our partners at Living Waters for the World, with the help of the Bower Hill Team, are focusing on system sustainability.

To that end, during the month of April, the Haiti Water Team will have a display just outside the Friendship Room, which shows the work we have done over the past several years and also provides another opportunity for members to help in our ministry. As a part of the display, we will have drops of water that provide various ways in which we can help the cause, whether it is funding to help pay the monthly salaries of the Haitian system operators, money to replenish educational supplies, or assistance with supplying replacement parts that have worn out over years of use. This will be our only fundraiser this spring, so any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the hundreds of Haitians that now have access to clean water and the entire Haiti Water Team, thanks again for your amazing generosity.

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