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Hiawatha Project Play – John Henry

Maybe you were present in Adult Education recently to hear Anya Martin talk about The Hiawatha Project, “using the arts to promote social justice.” The HP, a Pittsburgh-based performance company, will be putting on the following play:

John Henry: An American Legend Who Died with a Hammer in His Hand Sunday, February 12, 3:00 p.m., at the August Wilson Center

Members of Bower Hill Church can attend this performance at a reduced rate by visiting the following website: Please use the code FAITH1617. Also, you may call 412-456-6666. The play will be followed by a thirty-minute panel discussion—“People of Faith, People of Change: How can our hearts lead us to justice?” The panel will be made up of a variety of religious leaders representing Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Evangelical Christianity, and YOURS TRULY representing Mainline Protestantism! Don’t miss it! (Oh, you didn’t really think I was acting in the play, did you?)


If you are unable to attend on February 12, but you are interested in seeing the play, the performance dates are February 9-18. You can read more about this play and view a video at the website PLAY AND PANEL DISCUSSION…FEATURING YOUR PASTOR:

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