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How-To Videos and Documents

The members of the Communication Committee have been busy this summer working with other committees to create “How To” videos. The idea is to create videos about various activities for which members can volunteer. The videos inform members on the responsibilities of activities or how they can be performed. One use of the videos is to view them to see if a particular activity is something for which you would feel comfortable to volunteer to do. After volunteering, the video can be viewed to help in performing the activity. The first videos were created for the Family Promise Activities. There are videos on Building Logistics and for being an Overnight Host, Dinner Host or Van Driver. The second video was created for the Sunday Morning Activity of Coffee Hour. A third category called Building Logistics was created that contains some of the video segments from the first two videos, such as how to operate the crash bars on doors. Some of the existing “How To” documents on the web site have been included with this section of the web site for convenience. The committee’s hope is to develop additional videos to make volunteering and performing activities at the church easier.

The videos are located in the Members section of the church website.  To find the videos, click on “logon” in the top menu and logon using your user id and password. Once logged in, click on Members, then click on “How To Videos and Documents” and then select the category you wish to view. If you have not registered, contact Glenn Child at to get registered for the Members section.

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