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Join the IRU team for an Interactive Experience at the US/Mexico Border

The Immigrant, Refugee, and Undocumented Persons Discovery (IRU) Team invites YOU to join the Bower Hill Church delegation to Borderlinks in the Tucson, Arizona area from February 16-22, 2022.

What is Borderlinks? -- Established in 1987, Borderlinks has been facilitating educational immersion trips for delegations in the Arizona Sonoma Region and beyond the border to Chiapas. Founding members and organizations include Rick Ufford-Chase, Former Moderator of General Assembly and New Sanctuary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is the Mission of Borderlinks? -- Through dynamic educational experiences, Borderlinks connects divided communities, raises awareness about the impact of the border and immigration policies, and inspires action for social transformation.

What will we learn? -- Why do people migrate? What happens during the migrant journey? How do governmental policies impact people? We will speak with people directly affected by migration, including migrants, and others who live in borderlands, and with advocates for migrant justice. We will develop tools to take action for positive social change in our home community.

What are the details of the trip? -- The trip to Arizona will be February 16-22, 2022. The cost of the trip for each participant is approximately $1000.00 plus airfare. We are working with the Mission Committee to fund part of these expenses. The delegation can be between 8-14 persons. We currently have eight individuals interested.

Borderlinks website- BorderLinks

If you are interested in going or just have questions, contact Linda James, Betsy Hohlfelder, Sarah Neusius, Darenda Lease, Theresa Child, or Brian Snyder. Any of us would welcome an email, phone call or an in-person discussion about the trip.


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