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The steeple of Bower Hill Church is visible for many miles around.  When lit in the night sky, it is a beacon of faith that goes far beyond our immediate community.  We would like to offer you an opportunity to identify its light as a special reminder of a particular event or person.

Consider sponsoring the lighting of the steeple in honor of an anniversary, birthday, or some other significant date.  You can also light the steeple in memory of a loved one, or to represent a prayer request.  Notice of your lighting—and the person, prayer, or date that it commemorates—will appear in the weekly bulletin.  If timely enough, it can also appear in the monthly newsletter.  The cost for this remembrance is $10 a day.  Checks should be sent to the church with “STEEPLE” written on the memo line.  We hope you will consider sharing your light!

You can do this by emailing your request to Amy Leasure at  She will verify that the lighting dates selected do not conflict with others received.  Amy will then contact the church office with details of your submission for acknowledgement in the church publications.  (See below.)

Steeple dedications for the month of May are as follows:

May 7 — requested by Jen Geis, to be lit in memory of her uncle, Tom Ireland.

May 24 — requested by Kay Allen, to be lit in memory of Elizabeth Kay Allen, her daughter.

May 29 — requested by Pastor Brian Snyder, in honor of his and Michelle’s 15th Wedding Anniversary.  (Anonymous donor)

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