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Lighting the Steeple - November 2019

The opportunity to light the steeple of Bower Hill Community Church has been a great success. Many have sponsored a night in honor of a person or a special occasion. It has also been lit as a way to memorialize a special person who has passed away. Notice of the lighting and the person, event, or date that it commemorates, will appear in the weekly bulletin and, if timely, the monthly newsletter. The cost of this is $10 a day and can be sent directly to the church. (You will not be billed.)

Requests should include: 1) The date(s) you would like to sponsor; 2) The reason you want to sponsor (in honor, in memory, etc.); 3) The name of the person(s) or the event as you want it to appear in the bulletin; 4.) Your name. Email your request to: Amy Leasure at Please note that there can be multiple sponsors for the same date.

Dedications for November are as follows:

November 2-3 — In honor of my son, Jeffrey Wohleber, on his birthday, by Lynne Wohleber.

November 18-22 — In remembrance of Eleanora May Freas, by husband George Freas.

November 30 — In memory of Ralph Earlandson, father to Kay E. Allen.

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