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Lighting the Steeple - July and August 2019

The opportunity to light the steeple of Bower Hill Community Church has been a great success.  Many have sponsored a night in honor of a person or a special occasion.  It has also been lit as a way to memorialize a special person who has passed away.  Notice of the lighting and the person, event, or date that it commemorates, will appear in the weekly bulletin.  The cost of this is $10 a day and can be sent directly to the church. (You will not be billed for this.)

Requests should include:  1) The date(s) you would like to sponsor;  2) The reason you want to sponsor (in honor, in memory etc.);  3) The name of the person(s) or the event as you want it to appear in the bulletin;  4.)  Your name.

Email your request to:  Amy Leasure at


Dedications for July and August are as follows:

July 1 — In memory of her father, James Lather, by Nancy Criswell.

July 4 — In honor of the enslaved people who built Bower Hill Mansion.  General John Neville was the owner of both the mansion and the slaves.  Neville is well remembered around town, memorialized for all kinds of things from streets to islands to townships and businesses.  Not enough people remember or even know about the slaves who built the first great building in our neighborhood.  –Sam Kidder

July 6 and 7 — For Caroline Barone and Mary Good, in memory of their sister, Susan, as requested by a friend.

July 10 — In honor of Rocco Rizzo on his birthday, by his daughter JoAnn Goode.

July 14-15 — In honor of Bill and Jean Barker, by Susan Hill Brown.

July 20 — In honor of BHCC staff, by JoAnn Goode.

July 25-26 — In honor of Rev. Brian Snyder, by Susan Hill Brown.

July 30-31 — In honor of all BHCC Charter members, by Susan Hill Brown.

August 1 — In memory of her mother, Margaret Lather, by Nancy Criswell.

August 5-6 — In honor of Jean Barker, by an anonymous donor.

August 25 — In memory of Dorothy Earlandson, mother of Kay E. Allen.

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