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Lighting the Steeple - October 2021

Dedications for October are as follows:

October 3 -- In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the ordination of Betty Sykes, by her children, Sally, David, and Andy

Every Day in 2021 – In prayer for World Peace, from Susan Hill Brown, former member

The opportunity to light the steeple of Bower Hill Community Church continues. Many have sponsored a night in honor of a person or a special occasion. It has also been lit as a way to memorialize a special person who has passed away. Notice of the lighting and the person, event, or date that it commemorates, will appear in the weekly bulletin. The cost of this is $10 a day and can be sent directly to the church. (You will not be billed for this.)

Requests should include:

1) The date(s) you would like to sponsor;

2) The reason you want to sponsor (in honor,

in memory etc.);

3) The name of the person(s) or the event as you want it to appear in the bulletin;

4.) Your name.

Email your request to: Amy Leasure at


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