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Making Tomorrow Happen – Results

Thanks to you, our “Making Tomorrow Happen” appeal has met with great success!  Members and friends of Bower Hill Church have pledged a total of $422,866 over the next three years for the repair and upkeep of our facilities.  Our building has always been an imposing physical reminder of God’s presence in the community.  It is a witness to the beauty, majesty, and grandeur of God: a monument to higher things.  But as a mere bricks-and-mortar structure, it is also a testimony to God’s nearness, God’s approachability, God’s love.  Most importantly, 70 Moffett Street is a TOOL FOR MISSION!  Many of us only see it on Sunday mornings, but our building hums with life all week long. “Community” is our middle name, and this edifice is our gift to the neighborhood.  Members and non-members alike gather here to find communities of support, to take part in educational experiences, and to engage in—or benefit from—acts of mercy and service that are in keeping with the vision of our church.  In the words of John Muir, “We have all received far more than we ever give.”

Thank you for making sure that the gift we have received will be “re-gifted” to our neighbors of tomorrow.

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