Making Tomorrow Happen:  Supporting the Most Vulnerable in Haiti Today

The recent Making Tomorrow Happen campaign provided congregation members with the opportunity to add a commitment to BHCC’s mission activities, and $8,820 was pledged over three years.  Most of the money was undesignated, but some was pledged with a designated purpose.

One family designated their pledge to support BHCC’s work in Haiti.  $1,000 of that pledge has been sent to an organization the Haiti Water Team has grown to know and respect, Hearts United with Haiti, that has begun an orphan reunification program.  Few know that in Haiti many of the children in orphanages are “economic orphans” whose families have been forced to place their child in an orphanage because they do not have the resources to feed them.  Hearts United with Haiti has established a program to reunited children with their families and provide support to help the family become self-sufficient enough to keep the family intact.

Another donor has requested that the $1,000 pledge be used to help alleviate the devastation Haiti’s recent crisis has produced. That money is being sent to an organization, Divine Ministries, with which our Haiti water team has been working for several years.  In 2014 the team, along with Haitian members of Divine Ministries and our Living Waters Haitian friends, installed a water purification system at one of their orphanages in a remote area of Haiti called Valliere.  Since then, in spite of the destruction of Hurricane Matthew, the orphanage now has a functioning school and dormitory (for which BHCC provided ceiling fans) for the orphans who were previously living in surplus UN shelters.  The current crisis in Haiti has caused rampant inflation that has exacerbated efforts to support Divine Ministries ability to care for their orphans.

Neither of these pledges will solve Haiti’s problems. They are, however, a response to what we as followers of Christ have been told: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)