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Many Thanks to the Eco Justice Team and the Bubble Brigade!!

Beginning in January 2019, the Eco Justice team began asking the coffee hour hosts to put out mugs in place of the paper coffee cups. They set up a dishwasher crew (aka the Bubble Brigade) that takes turns running the dishwasher so that the coffee hour hosts aren’t overloaded with extra responsibilities. Soon after that we began using dishwasher safe plates.  More recently, we ordered dishwasher safe plastic cups to be used for the lemonade and water, so that the only paper we use during coffee hour are napkins (which are compostable).

Rob Mackey has headed up the Bubble Brigade and has been fantastic about communicating with Parish Life about all the changes.  We’ve even been able to go paperless for larger events, most recently the Easter Breakfast, but also the brunch following the joint worship service with First Baptist in February and the potluck on March 30.

In addition, Rich Salvante has arranged for us to have a separate can for compostable food and the paper napkins, and he takes care of making sure it is taken to the correct place to be composted.

Parish Life extends a huge THANK YOU to Rob, Rich and the Bubble Brigade for helping us to be more environmentally responsible while making sure the transition was smooth and painless!!

If you’re interested in joining the Eco Justice team, contact Steve Boisvert and/or if you’re interested in becoming a member of the Bubble Brigade, contact Rob Mackey.

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