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Mission Committee News

The Mission Committee wants you to know what they have been doing on behalf of BHCC. • Sent $1,000 to SHIM • Sent $2,500 to Family Promise • $6,465 raised to date for COVID-19 relief. Thanks to all who have contributed. Additional donations are still welcomed. Please indicate COVID-19 Relief on the memo line of your check. • Assisted four of our church members to date. If you need help in this time of the pandemic, contact Brian Snyder and your name will be kept confidential. • Our Haiti Team approved $1,000 last month to be sent to Haiti for help in dealing with the pandemic. Hearts United in Haiti is paying someone to make masks. They have been distributing them to local police, clinics, and people they know that are assisting others such as buying food. They will probably ask for some additional money for some of our sites for food and medical supplies.

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