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Mission Committee News

· We have received $6,705 in COVID-19 Relief and have given $1,700 to individuals in need. The Mission Committee decided not to give any of the money to the church's missions until we find out if these individuals need more money or if there are more individuals in need. You can still give to this fund and those gifts are appreciated. · Family Promise is currently taking a hiatus and Bower Hill Church will not be hosting for July. Family Promise is currently making changes, and we don't know what those will be. · The Mission Committee approved sending $1,000 to Casa San Jose from Mission Facilitation, and the Committee approved sending $1,000 to Hekima Place, with the money going to food baskets for the girls’ homes, since they are living at home due to COVID-19. · There are approximately 20 people participating in the Immigration Study via Zoom. It is not too late for you to join us, just send me an email at · SHIM worked with the Food Bank to help with the distribution at South Hills Village last week.

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