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Mission Opportunities for the Fall and Beyond

As members, we pride ourselves that the service begins when we leave the sanctuary Sunday mornings. In September, when we return from our summer schedules both at BHCC and at home, opportunities to be part of BHCC’s mission work abound. Below are a few of the opportunities for members of all ages to be an active part of the church’s outreach. The coordinator’s name is attached to each ministry. Please keep your eyes open throughout the year for more mission opportunities at BHCC.

FAMILY PROMISE (Jean Miewald) is a ministry that allows homeless families to stay together as they transition to a permanent living arrangement. BHCC is a host church where we provide an evening meal and overnight accommodations. You can be part of this ministry by: partnering with another family to provide a dinner for our guests at which you can get to know the families and their children; serve as an overnight host family, couple, or individual; or drive the Family Promise van mornings and evenings to and from Family Promise’s “headquarters.”

SANDI’S GARDEN (Steve Boisvert) is a founding community garden partner with SHIM to provide fresh organic produce to food insecure families at their food pantries in the South Hills. You can support this ministry through: signing up for a week or two of watering the garden from spring through late fall; helping to keep the garden from becoming overgrown with weeds — simply pull any weeds not in the garden beds at any time; planting and harvesting throughout the season.

WESTERN PA DIAPER BANK (Dick Headley) is expanding this year to add feminine hygiene supplies to our collection of children and adult diapers. Food stamps are not permitted for purchasing these items, and their absence can have far-reaching consequences for those who cannot afford an adequate supply. BHCC holds quarterly collections.

PRODUCE TO PEOPLE (Keith Mason) is a partnership between the Presbytery and the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank on the Northside that also assists food insecure families in staying healthy. BHCC periodically provides the “muscle” for this ministry.

HAITI WATER PROJECT (Darenda Lease & Rick Jacobs) is in its seventh year and partners with Living Waters for the World and our Haitian partners and friends to provide a source of clean water. In addition to financial support, you can become a member of the Travel Team. Trips last no more than a week, and every member who has taken part in one of these trips will confirm that you will take away much more than you give. Talk to any member who has taken a trip to find out more: Darenda and Tim Lease, Rick Jacobs, Brian Snyder, Alan and Betsy Hohlfelder, Chris Robbins, Karl Casey, Steve Boisvert, or Rich Salvante.

A NEW MISSION OPPORTUNITY (Coordinator TBA) begins this fall. A group is forming to examine our congregation’s carbon footprint; identify and propose better stewardship practices to the church’s leaders; and to engage the larger community in “eco-justice” initiatives. More information to follow.

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