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Mission Report

Mission Committee Chairperson -- Linda James

The Mission Committee and the Immigration, Refugees and Undocumented Persons Discovery Team want to give a big thank you for those of you who donated diapers, wipes and cleaning supplies to our immigrant neighbors who live in Brookline and are supported by Cassa San Jose. It is the most we have ever received in a diaper drive. My Subaru Forester was filled with diapers and other items in both the back seat and the back end. We also received $205.00 in monetary donations, so thank you very much to all who donated.

The following was shared with the Session regarding the Survey Results: We received 41 surveys; this was a 16% return, which looks low but most written surveys do well if they have a 10% return.

The majority of those who returned their surveys indicated they wanted to join PIIN. But the Mission Committee decided to put that decision on hold until we had further discussion with PIIN, because the issues on their website now are not the same issues that we discussed with them earlier.

In regard to the issues, race was first, followed by immigration. We currently have 35 people that were interested in immigration, and from that group we put together the Discovery Team to organize what activities we should explore.

The Mission Committee would like to put together a Discovery Team on race. If you would be interested in serving on the Discovery Team or even interested in exploring the topic of race, please send me an email at Please note the change in my email address.

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