More Volunteers and Training

Posted 09/26/2013

Haiti Water Projects Update by Darenda Lease for the Haiti Travel Team


As of this this newsletter, Meg Kelly has completed Solar school to learn the electrical/solar side of the system; Al Patterson and Steve Boisvert have completed 103 training: Installation Process of the Water System; and Diane McCammon has completed 102 training: Health and Hygiene Education. We are so excited that they were inspired to join us.

We are returning to Haiti in November to install two more solar powered water treatment systems. Both sites are located in the Le Cayes area. We are excited that our sites continue to be in the southern part of Haiti, as this allows us opportunity to revisit as many of our previous installations as we can. The team for this trip: Rick and Pat Jacobs, Alan and Betsy Hohlfelder, Darenda Lease, Chris Robbins, Steve Boisvert and Meg Kelly. We leave for Haiti November 19 and return November 25!

We would appreciate you help with:

DRIVERS We need folks to get us to the airport at 4:00 a.m. on November 19 and pick us up late evening on November 25! Please see Darenda Lease about the details.

SUITCASES We need a few more large suitcases and a few large or medium hard-cased suitcases.

PRAYERS Continued prayers for this incredible mission are needed and appreciated!

FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES We are always looking for opportunities for the team to acquire funding outside the church. Help us to arrange speaking engagements, help by searching for and writing grants, and help with new ideas to keep this mission funded.

We feel strongly that we need to return to Haiti every four to six months to work on our relationships with our partners. For the water systems to be used to their full capacity, it is important to provide additional education on health, hygiene and ways to get clean water further into the villages of Torbeck, Chaveneau, Camp Perrin and the new villages Vallet and Vernet 1 & 2. Relationship is the key to the success of these installations, and it is indeed part of the covenant we signed with our partners!

1 Corinthians 12:12 “The body is a unit, though it is made of many parts…” We feel blessed to be his “hands and feet” in Haiti. It is because of each of you, the many parts at BHCC that “do,” that we can! Thank you for blessing us again with your support in the many ways that you do!

PLEASE attend the Comedy Night on October 12!

It is truly a FUN and FUNNY night and all proceeds support the Haiti Water Project!