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Music Director’s Newsletter Article – June 2014

Thank you to everyone who has participated in accompanying the music through the Easter season: the Chancel, Handbell, and Children’s Choirs, Jason Robosky, Chris Robbins, Amanda Vosburgh, Rich Salvante, and Carla Drummond. Being able to share your talents with the congregation is wonderful. Thank you for your time and willingness to add to Worship!

The Chancel Choir will sing through June 15. Following that, there will be a sign-up sheet for those who wish to participate in the music program through the last week in August. This sheet will be on the piano in the front of the sanctuary. There is opportunity for a maximum of three separate pieces for each Worship service, so you may sign up for a date even if someone has listed their name already, up to three people/groups. Please consider sharing your talents with the congregation. There is no age limit, the young and young-at-heart are all most welcome to participate. I want to thank again those who attended my junior recital in April. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude at the attendance of those from the congregation at Bower Hill. Thank you so much for supporting me through my educational endeavors. I have completed my junior year at Duquesne, and look forward to a relaxing summer before staring my senior year at the end of August.

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