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Nominating Committee Needs Your Help

As you participate in the life of Bower Hill Community Church, think about those individuals, INCLUDING YOURSELF, who would be ready, willing and able to provide energy and support while serving as an Elder on Session, a Deacon or member of the Nominating Committee.

Nomination(s) can be submitted to the church office using the Nomination Form currently available in the Narthex, or by talking to one of the members of the committee.  This year’s committee members are as follows:  Theresa Child—Chair; Cynthia Gissin, Dave Hicks, Keith Mason, Chris Robbins, Donna Williams and Joan Zakor.

As Chair, Theresa is also available to answer any questions by contacting her at 412-429-9519 or at

Not ready for Session or Deacons? Consider joining a committee.  In addition to contacting one of the Session representatives for more information, specifics on the duties of each committee can be found on the church website, in the annual report or by contacting the church office.

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