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Nominating Committee News

As you participate in the life of Bower Hill, think about those individuals, INCLUDING YOURSELF, who are ready, willing and able to provide energy and support while serving as an Elder on Session, a Deacon, or a member of the Nominating Committee.

Inserted in this newsletter is an information sheet printed front/back, which gives a brief overview of Session, Deacons and Nominating Committee, and a Nominating Form on the flip side.

Nominations for these groups may be submitted to the church office or by talking to one of the members of the committee.   This year’s committee consists of the following:

Amber Grier–Chair

Carolyn Boisvert                                                            Dick Headley

Glenn Child                                                                     Darenda Lease

Steve Grier                                                                      Ruth Robbins

As chair, I am also available to answer any questions. Contact me at 412-609-1781 or at

Thank you,

Amber Grier

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