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Notes from the Eco-Justice Team

As summer moves into full swing, life moves outdoors.  We’ve gathered just a few ways to make your lawn and garden safer for children and pets, not to mention God’s creation!  There are many more, so please don’t forget to share your own planet-friendly habits.

As mentioned last month, white vinegar will eliminate weeds from cracks in paved surfaces.

For lawns, pelletized lime will sweeten the soil and discourage weeds.

For healthy garden plants, bone meal naturally provides slow-release phosphorus and calcium, while coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen, as are grass clippings.

Learn to compost.  It turns kitchen and yard waste into healthy, fertile soil.  Just remember never to add any source of protein (such as meat or dairy), which might attract vermin.  Local libraries often have classes in composting, many of which include a composting barrel in the cost.  Those same libraries are a great place to find books and general information on the subject.

Consider installing a rain barrel.  We have one here at BHCC for watering Sandi’s Garden, which has been all we need except in the driest spells.  Those same libraries mentioned above often have speakers on this subject, as well.

Finally, those pesky mosquitoes!  Simple fans on porches and patios will waft them away in a pleasant breeze.  And, of course, we are frequently reminded to eliminate any source of standing water.  If you have a swampy area that often collects water, consider installing a rain garden (more detailed info coming in the future).  They are an attractive and more permanent way to control those pests!

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