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Opening the Church

The following is a previously announced summary of the actions of Session from their June meeting regarding reopening the Church. These precautionary measures were recommended by the Open the Church task force chaired by Rev. Fred Leasure. · Limited doors available for entrance and exit · Empty pew racks · Social distancing and face masks required · No choir or vocal music · No nursery or children’s worship · No coffee hour or second-hour activities · No children except those remaining with parents throughout the service · Worship bulletins printed at home and brought to service 1) Session added the request that individuals bring bottled water with them to the service to prevent dehydration that may occur when wearing a mask. 2) They also recommended that a plexiglass shield be placed in front of the pulpit. 3) They decided that in light of the heat of summer and the inability to use fans in the sanctuary, the first worship service should not occur until after September 1. 4) By consensus, they agreed that there should not be any use of the church lawn or parking lot by any group until after the building has been opened for worship. Any of these decisions could be reconsidered at subsequent meetings of session. As new information is available, and as the date of September 1 approaches, the task force will reconvene.

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