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Our New Web Site

As of March 16, we have converted to the new website. This site takes advantage of newer technology to give us more capabilities than before.

It can be accessed via or its new domain name

We can use editing help with typos or incorrect information. Please contact Glenn Child with corrections to the website content. Suggestions for improvements are also welcome.

Thanks to the whole Communications Committee for all their work including brainstorming, meetings, testing, etc. Special thanks to Craig Grella whose design and technical expertise made the switch to this newer technology possible. We also need to thank Jim Burke for his suggestions for website design. Improvements and additional capabilities will continue as needed in the months ahead.

A Note About Your Internet Browser:

Bower Hill Community Church has been lovingly maintained by its members for more than 50 years. In the same way, the new website represents steps taken by the current members of the church to keep the site and its content fresh and relevant. Doing so means working with modern browsers that will insure the longevity of the site. That’s why it has been designed with the modern browser in mind.

For those with older browsers (Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or previous versions), some elements of the site may not appear consistently. This is not a flaw of the site – it is your browser. Microsoft, creator of Internet Explorer, will no longer support browser versions 8 and below. These were products bundled with the old Microsoft Windows XP, which is officially no longer supported by Microsoft as of April 2014. Additionally, the future of the web is in sites that work across all devices.

This is simply not possible with older versions of browsers like IE8. Microsoft is on version 11 now, which represents nearly six upgrades since IE version 8. Microsoft has issued a security warning for older browsers like IE 8 and 9. It is CRITICAL that you update your browser, because it can actually be a security risk for your computer. Why is it critical? Because browser versions 9 and newer can update themselves with patches, and older versions cannot. Old browsers and outdated software are the leading ways in which viruses can enter your computer – sometimes without your knowledge. However, you may be able to use other browsers with Windows 8. Using Google Chrome solves many of the problems of Internet Explorer 8.

We want you to have an enjoyable experience when viewing the church website. If you have any issues while viewing the site, please send Craig Grella an email and he will troubleshoot it personally. If you are using an older browser, we urge you to update as soon as possible!

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