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Paraments – Green – For Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time

When Displayed Displayed the most days in the ecclesiastical calendar year.

Motif “Tree of Life”

Color Green background Image is expressed in mandala form.

Symbolism The symbols in the tree of life represent the living waters, river of life (which incorporates earth, sun, and sky) and creation. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches; this is my blood shed for thee”. The symbols of the mustard seed are in the outer rim. Three of the leaves have doves in them forming a triangle – The TRINITY; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Biblical References Matthew 26:25 John 15:5 Revelations 22:1 Mark 14:25 Matthew 17:20 Mark 1:10

Fabric 100% cotton

You will notice in the photos below there is a coordinated set of three paraments. One for the pulpit, one for the communion table and one for the lector’s stand.

Parament Tree of Life 1

Parament Tree of Life 3

Parament Tree of Life 2

Parament Tree of Life 4

Parament Tree of Life 5
Parament Tree of Life 6

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