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Paraments – Red – For Pentecost and Minister Ordinations


When Displayed This set is displayed on one Sunday fifty days after Easter. The red pastoral stole may also be worn during an ordination.

Color Red, multi-colored image embroidered in a mandala and rimmed with gold.

Symbolism The white dove symbolizes the Spirit of God, descending from the heavens with seven flames toward the Apostles. Acts of the Apostles 2:3, “A driving wind surrounded the apostles on that first Pentecost to strengthen them in their faith” The flames represent the breath of God. When we breathe, we inspire. God therefore, “inspired” the apostles, breathing life into the church. The flames or fire represent the strength and force of the Holy Spirit. The flames are also gifts of the Holy Spirit, which include: wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, piety and fear.

Biblical References Mark 1:10 Jesus’ baptism…”the spirit, like a dove” Matthew 3:16 Jesus’ baptism…he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove to alight on him Luke 3:22 …during a general baptism, the dove and God’s voice John 1:32…John witnessed the dove coming to rest on Jesus Exodus 3:2 burning bush on Mt. Sinai from which God spoke to Moses Exodus 13:2…people led by a pillar of fire at night

Fabric Dupioni silk

You will notice in the photos below there is a coordinated set of three paraments. One for the pulpit, one for the communion table and one for the lector’s stand.

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