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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - October 2019


It seems to part of human nature that we tend to look back at years gone by and feel nostalgic about what used to be.  Remember when you had a paperboy, an egg man, and a milk man?  Now we have Uber Eats and other delivery services.  However, we often think the past was better.

Perhaps the real question is how do we know what from the past we should continue to value and what should we be willing to let go.  If we wallow in what used to be, we will miss the joy of the present and all it has to offer.  On the other hand, there are values that are timeless and worthy of championing forever.

In the case of the church, we sometimes find ourselves trying to affirm that it is the last bastion of sameness.  Familiar hymns, prayers and orders of worship bring a sense of comfort and peace to each of us.  We cannot deny that the world has changed and is ever changing.  As it does, we too must seek to apply the values of our faith to new challenges.  Though we may need to alter the manner in which we deliver the message of Christ, the teachings of love, forgiveness and grace will remain constant.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure

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