Pastor’s Newsletter Message – May 2018

Dear Members and Friends, The confirmation conundrum is that most kids join the church because their parents want them to do it. Worse, we ask them to align themselves with an ancient tribe (the church) at a time when they’d rather discover their own individual path. But our Bower Hill Confirmation Class of 2018 gives me hope for both the church and the world. These kids are for real! From September through March, we explored the historic doctrines of the faith, current issues facing teens, and our personal beliefs about the world and life. We had frank and open discussions about God, Jesus, the Trinity, prayer, the Bible, the church, evil, other faiths, and mission. More than once we debated the merits of pet dogs. And these kids felt just as free to disagree with me about Labradors as they did about providence and the nature of evil. There were nine of us to begin with: seven students, Jeremiah Wagner (our adult assistant), and me. Two students decided that they were not yet ready to sign on the dotted line—a brave decision that I applaud. Here are the five who made the no-less-brave decision to cast their lot with us, and attempt to model their young lives after the life and the teachings of Jesus. Read their personal statements of faith in the “Getting to Know You” segment of this newsletter! You’ll see at a glance that their credos are genuine, heartfelt, and definitely not something they’ve pulled off the Internet. Get to know these kids, too! I think you’ll be as impressed as I have been with their maturity and faith. In Christ’s Peace, ~Brian