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Pastor’s Message – September 2018

~ Making Tomorrow Happen ~

“So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, all things have been made new.”

Dear Members and Friends,

As the summer draws to a close, as summers and all seasons are wont to do, there are a few new things happening at Bower Hill Church. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about them.

First, Kickoff Sunday: The “program year” at the church will begin again on September 9 with a breakfast in Fellowship Hall at 8:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome, and you do not need to bring anything but an appetite. Worship will return to its full-blown glory with chancel choir, lectors, and occasional bell choir. Classes for all ages will follow coffee hour. See inside this edition for details.

Second, Talking about Tomorrow: Every fifth Sunday—in theory—all classes come together in Fellowship Hall for a potluck and an intergenerational discussion of the future of our church. This has become a popular event, and it is open to children, youth, and adults. In fact, some of our best sharing has been from the youngest members of our growing congregation. Please plan to bring a dish to share and take part in this event on Sunday, September 30, following coffee hour. This time, we will be introducing the newly-created Evangelism Committee, headed up by Elder Keith Mason. We will also be discussing the scary word “evangelism,” what it means and does not mean, and how it applies to churches like ours that tend to avoid the word at all cost.

Third, and most exciting of all, Making Tomorrow Happen: One outcome of the Talking about Tomorrow event is that we now know the visions and dreams that church members have for the life of our congregation. Bower Hill Church has a greater ratio of young children in its ranks than any congregation with which I am familiar. Our new partnership with the flooded First Baptist Church of Bridgeville is just beginning to get off the ground. A very new and quite well-attended task force has been created to look at the ecological impact that our church is having and ways that we can be more faithful stewards of God’s creation. These are just a few exciting things that are happening in our midst. And yet, despite growth and new vision, we still need to be good stewards of the building left to us by previous generations—a building that is larger than we need but a potential tool for creative mission. As a result of the opportunities and risks ahead of us, we wanted to hold “living room discussions,” in small groups in people’s homes, to discuss the future of our church and your place in it. These in-home talks with church leaders and members will be casual, friendly, and fun. Dates and locations are to be published soon; childcare will be provided at several of them. Please make every effort to take part in one of them.

In Isaiah, several times, God tells the people, “Look, I’m doing a new thing.” And this is the Gospel’s call to all followers of Christ at all points in the journey. I’m glad to be making this journey with you!

In Christ’s Peace, ~Brian

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