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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - July 2020


What is peace? Often, we think of it as the absence of war, but that is much too simplistic an understanding. We glibly affirm it in the Christmas phrase, “peace on earth, goodwill to men.” Jesus speaks of it as something he alone can give. And when he does give it, he affirms that his peace is different from the peace the world understands.

Given the events of recent months, many of us are seeking what we would characterize as Peace. Healthcare providers are hoping the number of cases of the virus will decline. Parents are hoping children can again gather with friends to play. Most of us are seeking what we previously called Normal.

In spite of the manner in which our lives have been disturbed and our routines upset, we ultimately will achieve a sense of quiet that might even be called “peace.” However, for so many in this country, they have not known peace in their lives for some time. Their neighborhood has been a place of fear. Their economic circumstances have not provided any sense of calm. They are crying out to be able to know that sense of peace that has been promised for so long.

May we as the community of faith daily pray that the peace we take for granted may become more universal and that the peace which only Christ can give may dwell in hearts across our land.

~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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