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Play Pickleball at Bower Hill

Nate Ivey -  540-230-5453

I will be hosting open play this Saturday, January 13 from 10 AM to Noon. Feel free to stop by and join in the fun. I plan to reset Fellowship Hall for Sunday's coffee hour at 5 PM. Send me an email if you want to play longer on Saturday (between 12-5p), and I’ll block time for you.


Additionally, the following dates for open play have been scheduled:

Saturday, February 3 from 9 AM - Noon

Saturday, February 10 from 9 AM - Noon

Saturday, March 2 from 9 AM - Noon

Saturday, March 16 from 9 AM - Noon

Saturday, April 6 from 9 AM - Noon


If you would like to have the court open for more dates, you can volunteer to be the host. Here are the requirements:

- Verify that Fellowship Hall is available on the BHCC calendar (link)

- Set up the net and Fellowship Hall for pickleball

- Be able to open the church and lock it up afterwards

- Set up Fellowship Hall for coffee hour after play (or for the Montessori school if during the week) (I’ll work on layouts so that you know how many tables & chairs, along with where to place them)


Give me a call if you want to discuss further at 540-230-5453


While not required, please send me a note if you think you'll be joining us for open play this Saturday. Also, send me a note if you'd like to play more on Saturday, and I can block time for you. Finally, if you want to host additional dates, email or call me


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