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Pondering From the PA

The word for the month will be “resolution.” To younger folk, and especially techies, they will immediately think of pixels. For us that have long been out of the loop, pixels are the tiny dots that make up the image on our TV screen, our computer screen or cell phone. From all the hype, it seems that more of these tiny dots is better. The picture is clearer and, when enlarged, it is less blurred.

As a new year approaches, the more recognized definition of the word “resolution” is a sincere vow to make some sort of change to our life. Perhaps after all the revelry and gastronomic indulgences of the last month, one of the most common resolutions is related to weight. As an employee of Weight Watchers, my wife has some of her busiest days in the month of January.

The loss of pounds is certainly an admirable goal. It can assist in the lessening or elimination of many health concerns and enhance the prospect of increased longevity. However, I would like to propose another resolution regarding weight.

As Christians, let us consider removing the weight of guilt and remorse. Let us resolve to enter a new relationship with the Christ and enjoy the freedom that comes as we express our love for one another in thought, word and deed.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure Parish Associate

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