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Pondering From The PA

The name of our church contains the word “Community,” which I believe to be the most significant part of its name. It is not there to just be a good catch phrase for marketing purposes. But rather it carries with it both an understanding of our identity and our goal. The word is derived from the Latin communis , which is the root for the word common.

As a called out Christian community of faith we are focused on the common goal of following the Christ. To strive for that goal implies that we are yoked with each other not only in faith, but also in daily living. When we remember those that are listed in our weekly bulletin in prayer, we are affirming our need to care for each other in many ways.

True communities celebrate joys, concerns, sorrows, and all of life’s transitions. At Bower Hill, we do that reasonably well in the context of Sunday morning. That was one of the many factors that enticed Amy and me to become a part of this church.

As we enter into month of February, when we remember our love on Valentine’s Day, our forefathers on President’s Day…and not to forget the groundhog…let us consider how we can deepen our sense of community by getting to really know someone and celebrate our common faith together!

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure,

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