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Pondering from the PA

January can be a very sad month. The parties are over, the decorations are boxed up and the days are dark and dreary. For the church, we move into that intermediate season that separates Christmas from Lent—sometimes referred to as Ordinary Time. So how can we approach these days and transform them?

Many of us remember, before the electronic gadget revolution, the large wall calendar we hung in some prominent location that boasted a season-appropriate picture for each month. As you flipped through what was ahead in the year, you could look forward to celebrations, trips and yet-to-be-discovered surprises that would unfold in the months to come.

We can recapture that anticipation as we focus on the difference we can make in another’s life with something as simple as a phone call or a short note. What can you do today that will allow January to be exciting instead of sad?

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure

Parish Associate

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