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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - January 2020

What’s next?  We celebrated the birth of two grandchildren this year.  Connor and Lucy are only a month apart and Lucy is the first girl baby we have ever had to care for.  As you look at an infant,   you wonder so many things. What will they be like? Who will they resemble in looks and personality?  Where will they go to school?  Who will they marry?

Now that we have again celebrated the birth of Jesus, we too look ahead to all the “what ifs” regarding his life and its impact on us.  Another year of possibilities looms out before us.  Will the spirit of Him born in a stable change the decisions we make and influence the outcome of the paths we will travel?

It is difficult to conceive how this humble birth has impacted human history.  It has changed the course of civilization in so many ways.  When we look at history, there is not a time when Christianity has not influenced the outcome of the society and the individuals who lived.

Think of the starry eyes of infants and all the potential that they represent.  Vow this year to consider what is next in your life and how Jesus will guide it.

~ Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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