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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - July/Aug 2019

“You Have Arrived at Your Destination”

If you have a Global Positioning System (GPS for short) and have programmed in a specific address or place, you are familiar with these words.  They proclaim that you are where you wanted to go.  However, this is dependent on what you programmed into the GPS to begin with.

Several years ago when Amy and I were in Phoenix, we had been told not to miss seeing a Native American Museum.  I programmed into the rental car GPS what I thought was the address and away we went.  About a half an hour later, as we pulled into the parking lot of a motorcycle shop, it announced, “You Have Arrived at Your Destination.”  What I discovered was that I had not bothered to add SE to the street address.  After I corrected my error, we discovered the museum was actually just a block from our hotel.

I believe the faith lesson in this event is that your life’s journey will only result in the proper destination if you have the correct address.  We all stray from the path and by God’s grace we can correct our sense of direction, if we but allow the Spirit to guide us.

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