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Ponderings From the Parish Associate - July and August 2018

Summer is upon us. (Sometimes the weather doesn’t quite get the message!) In any event, it is known as the time for picnics, pools, and parties. A time for families to head off to new places or comfort in traditional getaways. Certainly a much loved time of year.

So, what does summer mean for the church? It is traditionally a time of lower attendance. Staff often take vacations and ask for volunteers to fill their slot. It may be a time for more casual worship, when coats and ties are abandoned and windows are opened to the sound of children on the playground or birds chirping from the trees. For committees, it is a time for planning and thinking about new programs.

What does summer mean for your faith journey? Is it a time to shelve God till fall or can it be an opportunity to be more sensitive to beauty, other people, and the direction your life is taking. Consider a moment to read a Psalm a day. Plan for more environment-friendly picnic service items. Invite someone to come along that needs a boost from companionship.

Remember that your vacation can be part of your vocation as a Christian. Never forget to do something that helps to make our community whole!

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