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Ponderings From the Parish Associate - June 2018

As we have gone from a family of six in our house to a family of two, the topic of “downsizing” has been discussed.  Though this is an extremely personal one with many things to consider, there are some common thoughts.  In our advancing years, will we be able to care for such a big home both physically and economically?  If we do leave it, where will we go?  For us, there are children in each time zone.

What we have elected to do for now is simply “declutter”.  Thus, we have made many trips to the Flea Market and to Goodwill.  It is not that we are ignoring the needs of the future, but simply to enjoy more fully what we can today.

When we look at our church building, there is much concern about its size and the cost to maintain it.  If we look around the area, this issue is not unique and many congregations are faced with older and more deteriorated structures along with a much smaller congregation.

Solutions?  There are many opinions, some of which are just not practical.  For me, the factor that comes to play the most is the faces of the children that gather around the steps with Brian.  We are attracting younger families, we have very low debt, and I believe our future is bright as well.  For now, I think a positive outlook and an increased effort to invite others is our best course of action.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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