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Ponderings From The PA

We have all heard the old saying “April showers bring May Flowers.” Trite as this, it still holds true and may have a message to us that sometimes is forgotten. We have come to expect so many occurrences in nature that we forget how awesome they are.

How do daffodils know when it is time to emerge from sleep? How can a tiny seed grow to such a large and beautiful plant? Why do bees have pollen sacks? These mysteries can be explained in part by the scientific community with terms that only they can decipher.

For me, these intricately ordered complexities simply affirm the presence of a creator that can never be fully comprehended by us. Because of this, when we begin to ask “why” about so many things, we need to be aware that in many respects the answer to our inquiry is beyond our understanding. The Biblical record is full of prophets and sages posing the same inquiry. Even for them, answers were elusive, and they were left with only a reliance on faith and trust in a God that was too expansive to contain.

May our understanding of the almighty not be too small and may we always give thanks for the many mysteries that punctuate our days.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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