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Ponderings From the PA

Resurrection is an interesting word.  As Christians we associate it the season of Easter. The image is one of the Christ rising from the dead.  It is the affirmation of a transformation from death to new life.

In 325 The Council of Nicaea determined how the date of Easter would be chosen.  It was roughly to coincide with the vernal equinox.  This meant that from that day forward we would be getting more and more daylight and the beginning of Spring!  Setting the date at this time of the year allowed the season itself to proclaim the resurrection of the landscape from the dull brown of winter to the bright green and vibrant colors of a new growing season.

Perhaps as we enter this season of new birth we too can allow it to permeate our daily living by a change in our perspective. Resurrect relationships that have been forgotten. Engage in an activity that we have allowed to forget.  Reach out to those that seem to be stuck in the dullness of winter and awaken them to the sunshine of a new day and a new season!

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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