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Ponderings from the PA

Now that we are in the season of Lent, there are numerous traditions that seem to reinforce this spiritual journey.  From a fish fry to the ever-present acts of “giving up”, there is a notion that this should be a bleak introspective and often agonizing time leading up to the Good Friday remembrance of the crucifixion.

As this year’s Lent covers the entire month of March, there are other images of which we are aware.  Perhaps one that I remember most is the tale that if March comes in like a Lion, it will go out like a Lamb.

Isaiah uses images of lions and lambs getting along to usher in the new day of a new kingdom under a new messiah.  It also seems to beg the question of awareness.  Will we be aware of the beginning of a new day and a new kingdom.

Just perhaps, a better focus for Lent would be awareness.  Take time in your day to realize beauty, love and peace where others may only see the ugly, the hatred and the discord. Whether it is in the images we encounter or the people with whom we interact, be aware of the bits of the kingdom that are already in our midst!

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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