Ponderings From the PA

Expectancy is the theme of Advent. For centuries the Israelites expected a new messiah to appear and return the kingdom they knew under David. They looked backward and pined for their history to be repeated. However, the birth of Jesus and his ministry brought disappointment because what they expected and what was delivered were quite different.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ, we often anticipate the comfort of family traditions. There is a great sense of peace in the familiar and in having our expectations fulfilled exactly. Unfortunately, we often set ourselves up for disappointment as seasons in our life have changed.

So many hoped-for fulfillments need to be adjusted; sons and daughters don’t come home, relatives have passed on, decorations have faded and traditions have be adjusted.

This Advent we should expect the unexpected! Rejoice in the newness of an uncertain future. As Jesus broke into the world, he upset most of the presumptions of a Davidic-style kingdom. Instead, he brought the freshness of an eternal kingdom and freedom from the harsh punishment of old rules. May our lives be filled with the joy of receiving the Christ in fresh new moments of unexpected opportunities.