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Ponderings from the PA

Have you ever received a package you did not expect and you had no idea what was inside?  If you are like me, your curiosity would not let you rest till you opened it to find out who sent it and what was inside.  There can be such excitement in discovery!  Those moments of wondering grant to us a sense of anticipation that just cannot be matched.

Each day we awaken to the receipt of the package of God’s unending grace.  In spite of the detailed plans we may have made, or the long list of things we know need to be accomplished, there are unexpected opportunities to share our faith.  It can be as simple as a smile for someone who is frowning, a hug for someone who is lonely, or a simple act of patience and unexpected kindness.  Not only can those moments change the attitude of another, they can bring to us the warmth and sense of fulfillment that only comes from the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Experience that discovery of God at work in your life today.

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