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Ponderings from the PA

Ministry is a team effort!  Every Monday morning the team known as the staff of Bower Hill Community Church gathers to discuss various issues and programs that affect the lives of the larger team – the congregation.  Though each member of the staff has their own particular focus and talent, everyone shares in thoughts and tasks that will accomplish the ministry to which we are called.

As members of the congregation, you too are an integral part of the team.  Your prayers, presence, gifts and service enable the church to be in ministry to our local community and to the issues that impact the global community as well.  Like notes of a symphony, we blend together in a harmony that could never be achieved individually.

As I now enter my second full year as the Pastoral Associate, I continue to grateful for my membership on the team!  The multi-faceted approach to meet various needs is quite gratifying.  I am both inspired and challenged to move us collectively to expand our horizons and offer more opportunities for service.

Thank you to Pastor Brian, members of the staff and the congregation for allowing me to join the team.

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