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Ponderings From the Parish Associate - May 2019

Volunteer.  The word as a noun comes from the 16th century in France and has a military connotation as one who agreed to serve without being drafted.  Today our definition is much broader and is used to identify individuals that give of themselves to assist a particular cause or person.  The latest statistics indicate that about one in four Americans consider themselves to be volunteers.  Labor provided by volunteers is estimated to have an annual economic value of over 184 billion dollars.

The church has long been a place to connect individuals with needs both locally and globally, and Bower Hill Church is certainly no exception to this.  The opportunities to serve are indeed endless.  There is a good theological basis for this as Jesus early in his ministry proclaims, “follow me”.  I hope you will review the frequent requests in the bulletin and newsletter and answer YES!  Count on me.

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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