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Ponderings From the Parish Associate - December 2018

Live or Artificial? In many families this issue regarding the Christmas tree has been the source of lively discussion and debate. The traditionalists have maintained that the real celebration of the season is maintained by using the live (before it was cut down) tree. An evergreen is intended to symbolize the ever present spirit of the Christ. And beyond that, the fresh pine scent permeating the house on Christmas morning evokes so many memories.

The artificial advocates contend that a manufactured tree can be put up much earlier and therefore enhances the longevity of the celebration. As a practical matter there is less mess to clean up and no worry of a fire hazard. These advocates can also argue that in the long run the artificial is more cost effective as well.

Regardless of which group has claimed your allegiance, will your preparation for the coming of the Christ and renewing your commitment to the Kingdom be lively or rather artificial? Will you create lists of things to accomplish and trudge through them in a rather routine and joyless way? Or, will you seek this season to consider how the birth of the Christ child and the spirit of preparation can reawaken your faith, your love and indeed your life?

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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