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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - November 2019

Maybe you remember as a child in a Sunday school class you were asked: “What are you thankful for?”  Then the teacher would go around the circle, and everyone would utter one word for which they were giving thanks.  Common responses varied from parents, brothers and sisters, to teddy bears and dolls.

If we were to go around the sanctuary today and ask this question, what would be the responses?  (No Brian, I am not suggesting we do this any Sunday soon!)  My hunch is that some of the responses would cluster around adult versions of the same themes: spouses, siblings, parents and friends.

In quiet times, when we really search our hearts and our most private thoughts, what would your list sound like?  Would we dare to mention our reasonably comfortable lifestyles?  Would we be honest enough to include our financial positions?

Having achieved certain things in life is not necessarily a reason for the Christian to feel guilty.  Yet, after honestly affirming the source of our thanksgiving, how will we respond to those whose thanksgiving list is not nearly as robust as our own?

Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure Parish Associate

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