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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - October 2020

One of my fascinations is the study of words. In seminary, it was always quite interesting to discover the way a certain word was used in the Biblical time and how we translated it into our current understanding. It was a real eye-opener to learn that what I thought and what was intended were not the same.

During the pandemic, some of my time has been occupied by doing crossword puzzles. Of course, as one who has limited spelling ability, this could be quite a challenge even when they were supposedly the easy ones. One thing that I discovered over and over was that there are so many multiple meanings to words that we use every day. This becomes even more clear as we become more dependent on electronic communication to express ourselves.

So many words have such great power--love, hate, now, ugly, etc. As we have experienced political rhetoric, we have been stunned by the often careless and hurtful manner in which words have been spewed out. It is as if civility has become a forgotten virtue, to be replaced with raw and divisive speech.

Jesus’ words of our Biblical tradition have been the source of comfort and guidance through the centuries. Perhaps it is time to reclaim the beauty of words that comfort and unite us as one people created in the image of the Almighty that proclaimed from creation onward, “it is good!”

~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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