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Ponderings from the Parish Associate - September 2020

A book that not only feels good, but is a testimony to hope is “The Notebook,” a 1966 release by Nicholas Sparks. It was later made into a movie in 2004 staring James Garner and a host of others. It is not only a love story but an engrossing episode of a husband dealing with a wife with dementia.

Periodically, in her last year of life, Allie Hamilton (the wife with dementia) has lucid moments which not only enliven her husband, but continue to fuel his determination to remind her frequently of important events in their life together. He never gives up on the potential for her recovery.

Our current moments have been punctuated with peaks of potential normalcy and deep valleys of fear and dread. The longing for meaningful social action has never been abandoned! Media has fueled our concern for authentic leadership and removal of self-centered and reckless behavior. Yet the faith we possess has as its core an abiding hope.

As days drag on, let us read things that are beautiful. The Psalms may be a good place to start. Find movies that are delightful and end happily. If you have trouble locating them, look at some of the kids titles….things you would watch with your grandchildren.

Though we are apart and long to see each other face to face, your church family is still here. We love you and miss you as much as you miss us!

Never, Never, Never forget Hope.

~Rev. Dr. Fred Leasure, Parish Associate

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